• left-quotesWe had one of our employees steal data from the company and gave it to one of our competitors...”

  • left-quotesSomeone has falsely accused me and my business of all kinds of illicit acts, damaging the company’s reputation and I want to know who was behind the profile to pursue legal action...”

  • left-quotesSomeone in our company deliberately deleted sensitive data, and we needed to identify what was deleted, when and by whom...”
  • left-quotesOur systems administrator used the datacenter servers to mine cryptocurrency over a period of several months, and we needed to have his devices investigated to pursue legal action...”
  • left-quotesAn employee leaked a confidential recording of one of our shareholder meetings causing a public relations disaster...”

What is JTAG

JTAG is an abbreviation for Joint Test Action Group technology.
The technology was developed in the 1980s to overcome physical access issues to the pins on programmable chips for circuit testing purposes. Today, it is however predominantly used for programming, debugging and in our case, extracting data from faulty devices.

See the illustration below for a simplified explanation of the process:

JTAG Technical illustration web

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