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Tecleo Data Recovery and Digital Forensics Lab Reseller Program

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  • Any business or private individual who would generate an income from reselling our services or products.
  • All reseller applications are subject to approval.

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General Advice To Give Your Customer Facing A Potential Data Loss Situation

  • Not to make any rash decisions that may cause further damage or lead to permanent data loss.
  • To switch the drive off as soon as possible especially if there are “strange noises” coming from the drive.
  • Not to run any hard disk utilities or data recovery software on a noisy and/or difficult to detect or access drive.
  • Not to copy or write any data to a formatted, deleted or potentially damaged drive as this may cause further damage to the data.
  • Not to open the drive - hard drives are very sensitive to contamination and should only be opened in a controlled clean room environment e.g. class 100 clean room.
  • We do not recommend them replacing or swapping the controller board as that may cause damage to the drives firmware programming and so hamper the possibility of recovering the data.
    • Ensure that the original PCB is fitted back onto the drive before being shipped for data recovery – that is should the controller board have been replaced.
  • To observe safe handling practices eliminating further damage.
  • To package the drive as if sending an egg.

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