• left-quotesWe had one of our employees steal data from the company and gave it to one of our competitors...”

  • left-quotesSomeone has falsely accused me and my business of all kinds of illicit acts, damaging the company’s reputation and I want to know who was behind the profile to pursue legal action...”

  • left-quotesSomeone in our company deliberately deleted sensitive data, and we needed to identify what was deleted, when and by whom...”
  • left-quotesOur systems administrator used the datacenter servers to mine cryptocurrency over a period of several months, and we needed to have his devices investigated to pursue legal action...”
  • left-quotesAn employee leaked a confidential recording of one of our shareholder meetings causing a public relations disaster...”

Professional Remote Digital Forensics Services

We also offer remote or off-site digital forensics services. When a digital forensic investigation needs to be done in a remote location or when physical access to the device is not available or possible, our tools and capabilities allow us to perform our investigations remotely.

We find evidence on a computer and mobile systems to prove the what, who and when of any activity that might have transpired. Be it an ex-employee who stole company data or deleted mission-critical data from one of your servers. Whatever your situation, we strive to have a solution to suit your needs.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our investigators should you find yourself being the victim of cybercrime and need remote digital forensic services.

Why Choose Us?

We know where to look and how to look.
It is our job to investigate and find the footprints left behind by cyber-criminals and to report our findings in a comprehensive forensic report that can be used as evidence in the court of law.

Professional, reliable and efficient service that has stood the test of time.

Our investigators are trained professionals working in a controlled environment. Our services are cost-efficient, fast and efficient with reduced downtime to ensure that you have the answers you need as fast as possible and that the investigation process has the least possible negative effect on your business activities.

Help you meet legal security compliance requirements.

When a data breach occurs within your organisation it is very important that a complete forensic examination is conducted and a comprehensive report is kept on file to prove that an appropriate response was generated by management to meet compliance requirements. In some cases, a breach exposes your sensitive data to hackers and other dubious parties. If you fail to investigate the breach and take the necessary corrective action, you could potentially open yourself up to future litigation if sensitive information was leaked or stolen.

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