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:- COVID-19 -: 

Please note that we will be working from our homes during this period.

We are registered with the CIPC as an Essential Service Business and will be able to assist should your goods or services be classified as essential. 

Do not hesitate to contact us should you be working from home, or other remote location, as some data recovery and digital forensics services can be done remotely. This will typically include deleted, lost or corrupt files, and directories, formatted drives etc.

All items entering and leaving our premises will be disinfected using short-wave germicidal ultraviolet (UVC) radiation.

Our Green IT Recycling Policies

  1. Green IT Recycling and DisposalWe are committed to the re-use of new and used data storage device components as part of our data recovery processes and the recycling of these and all other electronic components once they are no longer functional or of further use.
  2. Shredded paper, destroyed hard disk drives, CD's and DVD's, Compact Flash Drives, Mobile Devices and all other destroyed electronic equipment will be disposed of by way of recycling.
  3. Data tapes will be dumped as landfill.  South African recycling companies do not accept digital tape media for recycling primarily due to:
    • Their composition "“ typically approx. 20% plastic, 1% metal and 79% magnetic tape;
    • Vast material differences between the different type of data tapes;
    • And the challenges in separating the recyclable materials once they have been destroyed.