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Digital Forensic Investigations

Typical Internal and External Cyber Crime Investigation Scenarios:-

  • An Employee:
    • emails or copy confidential information sending it to your competitors;
    • deletes confidential information;
    • sells your stock on the side "moonlighting";
    • visits websites forbidden by company policy;
    • manipulates records;
    • misuses company assets by storing movies, pornography etc. on the servers/computers and deletes the evidence ...
    • hack confidential user accounts etc.
  • You Purchase A Going Concern:
    • only to find that vital financial and other crucial data and programs have been deleted;
    • suspecting that the financial figures provided do not reflect the actual status of the company.
    • all negative publicity/correspondence etc. have been deleted ...
  •  A perpetrator:
    • uses your company identity for nefarious purposes. 
    • gains access to your systems:
      • by performing an SQL, brute force, DOS or other forms of attack;
      • using identity theft, phishing, spoofing or by other means.

What Is A Data Forensic Analysis / Investigation?

  • Typically the process determining, extracting (recovering) and reporting from an electronic data device:-
    • What files and other data (i.e. documents, emails, databases etc.) that were deleted and when.
    • When last was the computer and files accessed.
    • Where, when and from whom were emails sent and received.
    • What emails were deleted and when?
    • What programs that were deleted or uninstalled and when.
    • What websites were visited and when?
    • Files and other data protected by a password, encryption, compression or other methods.

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