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From crashed servers to broken and faulty hard drives, we are equipped to handle almost all potential data loss scenarios. Our advanced data recovery and digital forensic services cover a wide range of devices, including NAS and RAID volumes, PC and laptop hard drives, external hard drives, solid state drives, mobile devices, digital backup tapes, memory sticks, SD cards, and more. No matter the device, we have the expertise to recover your data.

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Ransomware - Is This the End of Your Data?

Ransomware - Is This the End of Your Data?

Solving a Municipality's Ransomware Crisis

Prologue: The Onset of Turmoil

A destructive ransomware attack interrupted daily activity at one of South Africa's municipalities, throwing critical operations into chaos. Some servers, vital to their financial and infrastructure stability, encountered a significant threat.

The Intrigue: An Unconventional Cyber Assault

Initially, the attack mirrored typical ransomware patterns targeting the municipality's virtual nerve centers housed within Hyper-V servers. The attackers obscured data volumes, replacing the data with cryptic, unreadable counterparts. However, after we evaluated the encrypted volumes, a twist emerged: the perpetrators' strategy, though intricate, was not watertight.

The TL; DR

Being struck by ransomware is not necessarily the end of your data, as ransomware operators are also prone to making mistakes. Life happens. They are humans, at least for now, with the same challenges as us, subject to fatigue, hunger, and other daily interruptions and responsibilities.

Strategic Deployment: Capitalising on a Glimmer of Hope

We discovered that the criminals had made a mistake. A mistake big enough to give us a glimmer of hope that this may not be the end of the line for their data. Prompted by this revelation, we scanned the volumes using resource-intensive low-level data recovery techniques. This approach, usually impractical on a data set of this scale struck with extensive encryption, was the break we needed.

The Breakthrough: Restoring the SQL Foundation

Our creative approach paid off, leading to the discovery of unaffected remnants of the SQL databases, an operational lifeline for the municipality. This discovery marked another turning point as we embarked on an advanced recovery, reconstruction, and repair of the affected databases.

Epilogue: Triumph in the Face of Adversity

The culmination was a satisfying victory against a formidable cyber adversary. Not only did we help avert a substantial ransom, but we also reinstated the municipality's critical services, significantly minimising not just data loss but also revenue loss.

Insight: Adaptability in the Face of Cyber Evolution

Our success underlines the importance of using a service provider with the experience, tools and equipment and a willingness to adapt to the ever-transforming tactics of cyber adversaries when faced with permanent data loss, especially after a ransomware attack.

An Invitation

We are here to help you achieve the best possible outcome when confronted with any data loss predicament, be it after a ransomware attack, hardware or software failure, or some other issue.


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Navigating Corporate Treachery

Navigating Corporate Treachery

A Company's Journey to Digital Justice : A Crisis Unfolds

In a dramatic twist of fate, a well-established company faced an internal crisis of unprecedented scale. Confronted with the possibility of intellectual property theft by a once-trusted director, they sought our digital forensic expertise to unravel the truth.

The Spark of Betrayal

The company's ordeal began with a startling discovery. A board director entrusted with the company’s secrets was covertly diverting clients and making plans to launch a competing business, all while misappropriating sensitive data.

The Quest for Digital Clarity

Realising the potential gravity of the situation, the company faced the daunting task of building a strong legal case. This involved confirming that the information at hand was, in fact, indisputable provable evidence of the ex-directors illicit activity in accessing and exfiltrating confidential information, breaking the law, and breaching non-compete and confidentiality agreements.

Our Involvement

As the chosen ally in this digital battlefield, we embarked on a meticulous digital forensic investigation:

In-depth Assessment: Starting with a consultation, we gathered as much information as possible about the company's predicament.

Forensic Investigation: Using state-of-the-art digital forensic tools, we collected and scrutinised the ex-director’s electronic traces (digital evidence) from all potential data sources.

Unearthing the Evidence: Our analysis successfully unearthed digital artefacts confirming the ex-directors illicit data access and intellectual property theft.

Compiling the Report: We crafted a detailed expert witness report adhering to data privacy and security laws, regulations, and standards, as well as forensic procedures and best practices, ensuring the defensibility of the evidence.

Turning the Tide

Our forensic report was crucial in:

  • - Pursuing legal action against the ex-director for breach of contract and theft.
  • - Preventing the launch of a rival business and seeking reparations.
  • - Safeguarding essential client information and the company’s vital interests.

Conclusion: The Power of Forensic Expertise

This case underscores the role of digital forensic investigations in the corporate sphere. Our lab's involvement provided clarity, averting significant financial and reputational harm for our client.

Reflecting on the Bigger Picture

This narrative is more than a case study; it demonstrates the critical importance of a legally defensible forensic process in confronting legal challenges involving digital evidence, thus upholding corporate integrity and justice.


Uncovering Hidden Truths in Digital Ashes

Uncovering Hidden Truths in Digital Ashes


With digital forensics and forensic data recovery, every case is a narrative of intrigue where technology meets real-world drama. Our latest case is no exception: a tale involving a burned-down business, questionable CCTV footage, and a quest for digital truth. This story goes beyond technical skill; it's about unravelling a mystery hidden in the ashes of a disaster.

Background: A Burnt Establishment and Suspicious Circumstances

Amidst the bustling streets of South Africa stood a business, now reduced to ashes. The owner's claim from the insurance company, amounting to millions of rand, brought the case to our doorstep. The heart of the mystery lay in four CCTV systems. They were seemingly destroyed by the fire yet housed in a room untouched by the blaze. This peculiar detail flagged potential deceit.

The Challenge: Deciphering Charred Data

Brought to us were the burnt remnants of these CCTV systems. Our mission was clear but daunting: recover any data from the fire-damaged devices and compile a forensic report to unveil the actual narrative.

The Investigation: Piecing Together the Digital Puzzle

Upon delving into the devices, we encountered several anomalies:

  1. Mismatched Hard Drives: The CCTV systems housed hard drives of varying sizes, contradicting their original specifications.
  2. Unusual Wear and Tear: Some hard drives bore scuff marks, indicating usage outside their intended stationary environment.

The Breakthrough: A Revelation Amidst Ruins

Our efforts bore fruit with one of the drives. Contrary to expectations, it housed a regular computer OS, not CCTV footage. This discovery was the linchpin in our investigation, suggesting intentional tampering.

The Final Report: Exposing the Truth

Our comprehensive report detailed the anomalies and the unexpected data discovery, providing crucial evidence of tampering. This evidence played a pivotal role in the court, where the insurance company presented our findings to dismantle the fraudulent claim.

The Technical Triumph: Resurrecting Data from Destruction

Recovering data from the fire-damaged drive was a meticulous endeavour. We had to delicately resuscitate the drive, including rebuilding the hard disk by transplanting platters into a donor hard drive and extracting the firmware from the original PCB. We employed specialised data recovery equipment, tools, and software to complete this hardware restoration. These tools were instrumental in cloning and reconstructing data from the partially recoverable contents of the burnt hard drive. Through a blend of advanced software algorithms and our team's expertise, we were able to mirror the damaged data onto a stable platform. This intricate process, blending skill, patience, and cutting-edge technology, eventually let us initialise the drive to reveal its contents. Our efforts culminated in a partial but crucial data recovery, shedding light on the truth hidden within the digital remnants.

Conclusion: Beyond Data Recovery – Averting a Multi-Million-Rand Fraud

The successful data recovery and subsequent forensic analysis showcased our technical expertise and played a critical role in preventing insurance fraud. This case underscores the impact of our work in the digital forensics realm, where we don't just recover data; we uncover truths that have far-reaching real-world implications.

Reflecting on the Bigger Picture

In recounting this case, we celebrate a forensic victory and our role in maintaining integrity in the face of deception. Our journey in the land of digital forensics and data recovery continues, with each case reinforcing our commitment to excellence and justice in the digital world.


Resuscitating a Rural Doctors Lifeline

Resuscitating a Rural Doctors Lifeline

The Tale of an Ancient Sonar Machine

In the specialised field of data recovery, many times, it's not just about the bytes and gigabytes—it's about the real-world impact and the stories behind the technology. Our latest adventure involves a rural doctor, an old sonar machine, and a data recovery mission that defies time. What follows is not just a story of technical prowess but of the lifeline of a medical practice that hinges on the data locked up within a piece of legacy technology.

Background: An Unexpected Turn for an Essential Machine

Deep in the rural heartlands, where medical equipment must last beyond its years, a doctor specialising in essential sonography found himself in a technological bind. His trusted sonar machine, a relic from the early 2000s, suddenly ceased to operate. The culprit? An archaic IDE hard drive that held the machine's lifeblood decided to fail without warning.

The Challenge: Reviving a Digital Dinosaur

The doctor's IT manager, faced with a silent and unyielding machine, quickly realised the problem was beyond his capacity to solve. With patient care hanging in the balance, he entrusted the future of the sonar machine to our team of digital detectives and surgeons of the silicon realm.

Upon arrival, our diagnosis confirmed the dire state: the IDE hard drive had suffered a catastrophic failure. The reading heads, which dance across the magnetic surface reading data, had crashed. For any other device, this might have been the end. But not on our watch.

The Operation: Clean Room Precision

In the dust-free sanctity of our clean room, we performed what many would consider an archaeological dig into the world of legacy computing. We carefully took apart the drive, and with great precision, we swapped out the faulty heads for rare, matching parts that we scoured the tech world to find - a challenge that's like searching for a needle in a haystack, given the rarity of these early 2000s IDE drives.

Data CPR: The Sprint to Overcome Damaged Sectors

Once we restored the data from the drive, another challenge commenced. The task was to replicate the drive's data, sector by crucial sector, onto a fresh host. This procedure required unwavering precision and steadfast persistence, as the integrity of each sector was vital for the sonar machine to function again. Our cloning process was met with triumph, yielding only a few bad sectors - reflecting our team's detailed and careful approach.

Future-Proofing: The Creation of Digital Clones

Following the successful data retrieval, we turned our attention to future safeguarding. The way forward was clear: create multiple copies of the IDE drive. We recommended that the IT manager safeguard these copies as backups so the doctor's operations could continue without interruption in the event of another unforeseen failure.

Conclusion: Beyond Recovery—A Practice Preserved

After a week of diligent work, the sonar machine beeped back to life. The doctor's relief was palpable; the expense of a new machine was a spectre that had loomed large. We didn't just recover data; we restored the heartbeat of a rural medical practice.

This case study serves as a beacon for the potential of data recovery - preserving the past and safeguarding the future. Through our intervention, the doctor's sonar machine was resurrected and given a new lease on life, with backups ready to step in at a moment's notice.

Reflecting on the Bigger Picture

In sharing this story, we celebrate a technical victory and the enduring mission of healthcare professionals who rely on technology to serve their communities. For them and the many others who depend on our expertise, we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in data recovery and digital forensics.


Lightning Strikes but Data Survives

Lightning Strikes but Data Survives

A Photographers Tale of Recovery

We often encounter scenarios that seem to come straight out of a Hollywood script. Our latest hard disk recovery case involves a talented photographer who, to protect his precious digital treasures, inadvertently set the stage for a dramatic recovery mission. Join us as we delve into this captivating story of lightning, power surges, and the resilience of data.

The Photographer's Dilemma

Our client, a skilled photographer with a penchant for creativity, trusted his artistry to four external drives, affectionately named Spaceship 1, Spaceship 2, and two 6TB companions. Fearing theft, he stashed all four drives in his kitchen sink, concealing them under a wooden cutting board. Little did he know that his fears would soon take a different, electrifying turn.

The Night of the Storm

One fateful night, lightning struck perilously close to our photographer's home as thunderstorms raged outside. The electrical current that snaked through his abode sought an escape route, and it found its way to the kitchen sink, where Spaceship 1 and its companions lay dormant. A surge of catastrophic proportions, leaving all four external drives lifeless.

A Desperate Cry for Help

Desperation and heartache led our photographer to our doorstep. With his livelihood hanging in the balance, he implored us to perform the seemingly impossible: recover the entirety of his image library from these lifeless drives.

Diagnosis and Recovery

Upon initial evaluation, our experts concluded that the drives had fallen victim to a lightning-induced power surge. Not only were the drives rendered utterly dead, but they also exhibited internal head damage, a grim testament to the power of nature's fury. The challenge was clear, but so was our determination.

Step 1: PCB Repairs

Our technicians painstakingly dissected the external drives and assessed the extent of the damage. The PCBs, vital components responsible for powering the drives, were severely affected. Repairing them required not only a deep understanding of electronics but also a delicate touch. The precision involved in PCB repairs cannot be overstated, as any misalignment or error could have rendered the entire recovery effort futile.

Step 2: Head Replacement

Moving into our sterile clean room was imperative. Here, the daunting task of replacing the damaged drive heads unfolded. This procedure, akin to a surgical operation on the drives, necessitated specialised tools and the seasoned hands of our experts. The head replacement phase was a testament to the artistry of our technicians, who ensured that each head was precisely installed, safeguarding the data trapped within.

Step 3: Open Drive Recovery

With the repaired PCBs and replaced heads, we initiated an open drive recovery. Our specialised data recovery tool set played a pivotal role in this process. It allowed us to communicate with the drives, extracting data bit by bit. Despite the extensive damage, we encountered only minimal bad sectors, thanks to the meticulous care taken during the previous stages.

The Costs of Expertise and Spare Parts

It's crucial to underline that this recovery mission was no ordinary feat. Substantial investments were made in human expertise and critical spare parts. The advanced equipment and tools required for PCB repairs and head replacements are far from commonplace. Our commitment to technical excellence meant no expense was spared to bring the client's data back to life.

Success and Relief

After countless hours of relentless effort, we emerged triumphant. Every image, every memory, and every piece of creative work was successfully retrieved. The relief that washed over our client was profound, knowing that his business remained unscathed and his creative endeavours continued without interruption.

This case study serves as a testament to the extraordinary lengths our team goes to when faced with seemingly insurmountable data recovery challenges. Our dedication to technical mastery and the substantial investments made in specialised skills, state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and software, as well as critical spare parts, underscores our commitment to preserving the irreplaceable. At Tecleo, we don't just recover data; we conquer data catastrophes with unwavering expertise and determination.

Reflecting on the Bigger Picture

If you find yourself facing a data emergency or a unique challenge, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Your story could be the next chapter in our journey to showcase the incredible possibilities of data recovery.


Data Recovery Drama

Data Recovery Drama

A Tale of Laptop vs. Car and How We Saved the Day

We strive to use every challenge to improve our skills and resolve within the meticulous domains of data recovery and digital forensics. Our current case study tells the tale of an incident as regrettable as it is remarkable: amidst a flurry of events, our client accidentally crushed his laptop under his car. This story is charged with urgency, filled with intricate technical obstacles, and a crucial race against the clock to rescue vital work data from the ruins.

The Setup

Our client, let's call him John, had a heated argument with his wife and, in frustration, decided to escape the scene and work at a local pub. He loaded his belongings in haste, unknowingly leaving his laptop behind the car. As he reverses the inevitable, the worst-case scenario, he drives over his laptop, rendering it unusable, including the hard disk drive.

The Desperation

John's laptop contained crucial work data, and with a looming project deadline a week away, he was facing a data catastrophe of epic proportions. To make matters worse, he had no backups! Fearing the wrath of his employer and his wife's fury, he rushed to our doorstep, recounting his unfortunate tale.

The Technical Challenge

Upon examining the laptop, we found it utterly crushed beyond any possible repair. However, there was a glimmer of hope. Although severely bent, the hard drive inside the laptop had its data platters miraculously intact, allowing us to attempt a highly complex data recovery operation.

The Recovery Process

We embarked on a delicate and intricate mission to rescue John's data. Initially, we carefully extracted the data platters from the severely damaged hard drive casing. However, it's essential to emphasise the significant dangers involved in this process. Handling data platters is like holding the heart of a computer's storage system. A single scratch or a speck of dust could spell disaster, resulting in the irretrievable loss of invaluable information.

While the reading heads, motor, and PCB required replacement, the real challenge was safeguarding the pristine condition of these data platters. Transferring vital data from the damaged PCB to the new one demanded surgical precision. Even the slightest deviation from perfection carried the ominous threat of data loss, making every step a nerve-wracking endeavour.

The Triumph

After painstakingly piecing together the components and ensuring everything was in working order, we successfully transplanted the data platters into a new drive casing. The next step was to image the drive using our specialised data recovery tools, minimising the number of bad sectors and maximising the chances of recovering the data.

The Happy Ending

In the end, our team's expertise and determination paid off. We managed to recover all of John's work data, saving him from both the wrath of his employer and the potential fallout with his wife. John left our lab with his data intact, and we couldn't help but wonder if he managed to smooth things over on the home front, too.

Reflecting on the Bigger Picture

This dramatic case study is a testament to the lengths we're willing to go to help our clients recover their invaluable data. It showcases the technical challenges we face in our line of work and underscores the importance of regular data backups. Ultimately, our team's dedication and technical prowess triumphed over adversity, leaving both John and us with a valuable lesson.



Partially Encrypted Laptop Drive


A complex challenge presented itself when a customer approached us with a malfunctioning Bitlocker encrypted laptop hard disk drive facing the following predicament:

left-quotesThursday morning, my laptop no longer started up. I logged a call with our IT support, who informed me that there was an issue with McAfee encryption and that they needed to decrypt, back up the data, reinstall my laptop, etc. They struggled for days and then sent my laptop to our security experts, who also struggled for days.
They were, however, confident that the hard drive is in a state where one should be able to recover the data; I then suggested that I get in touch with Tecleo since our IT support has exhausted all their expertise in terms of attempting to recover my data recovery from a BitLocker encrypted drive. Hence, you guys are now sitting with my hard drive. There are lots of business-related data on my machine, including personal information, of which I have no backup, so ideally, I’m looking for all the data.”

The Challenge

The primary obstacle was the drive’s dual issues: it was partially encrypted and had developed an electro-mechanical failure during the decryption process. This unusual combination of encryption and hardware failure added additional complexity to the recovery process. The drive was not only inaccessible but also still partially encrypted, with a significant number of bad sectors exacerbated by previous unsuccessful recovery attempts.

Our Solution

Our first step was to address the electro-mechanical issue to stabilize the drive. Once functional, we embarked on a meticulous process to clone the drive sector by sector. This data recovery process was particularly slow and challenging due to the extensive damage to the hard drive’s sectors.

Following the cloning process, our team undertook the labour-intensive process of manually identifying and accessing the sectors where the original decryption had halted. This step was crucial as it involved piecing together fragmented data across a partially encrypted landscape, further complicated by remnants of previous user data scattered throughout the drive.


After a thorough and careful recovery process, we successfully retrieved all the required data, both business-related and personal. The recovery, although time-consuming and complex due to the drive’s partially encrypted state and physical damage, was ultimately successful, ensuring no loss of critical data for our client.


Recovering data from an encrypted hard drive poses unique problems. However, we are committed to overcoming the most complex data recovery challenges. Even in scenarios involving encryption issues and physical drive damage, our hard drive recovery expertise ensures the recovery of invaluable data, providing our clients with peace of mind and crucial business continuity solutions.

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