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Packaging Instructions

  1. Package your device as if you are sending us an egg to prevent further damage:
    • Make use of a sturdy cardboard (corrugated) box at least twice the size of your device.
    • Wrap the device using Bubble Wrap (Foam Wrap) ensuring adequate padding to prevent any movement and also to be able to absorb any impact while being transported.
  2. Package multiple drives with enough Bubble Wrap (Foam Wrap) so that there will be no contact between them.
  3. Seal the box with packing tape and mark with our shipping details and your physical return address.
  4. Mark the box as printer "FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE."

* Hard disk drives are extremely sensitive to shocks that may cause damage to the data areas. cardboard-box
* Additional damage may make the recovery or investigation less or even unsuccessful (unrecoverable).
* Do not use a damaged box.
* If in doubt use Box-in-Box packaging.
* Remove old labels and stickers should you use a used box.
* Do not include any brackets, adapters, and cables.