CCTV Recovery, Forensics and Video Enhancement

CCTV Footage Data Recovery, Forensics and Video Enhancement

Advanced data recovery, digital media forensic investigations, footage format conversion (from a propieter to a common video format), clean-up and enhancement from video storage devices (hard disk drives, SSD's etc.) used in closed-circuit television (CCTV) or other video surveillance digital recording devices irrespective of the condition of the storage device or potential data loss situation, including:

  • Dropped, fire and water damage.
  • Power and lightning surge damage.
  • Crashed, broken, noisy or clicking.
  • Single or multiple drive failure.
  • CCTV device failure.
  • The failed CCTV digital video recording (DVR) device is no longer available.
  • Unknown CCTV device footage conversion.
  • Device not ready.
  • Inaccessible boot device.
  • Corrupted data.
  • Formatted and partially re-loaded DVR hard disk drives.
  • Accidental or intentionally deleted data or partitions.
  • Grinding or clacking noises.
  • The device not recognising the storage device despite spinning.

Our Services Include:

  • Recovery of video surveillance footage from dropped, water and fire damaged hard disk drives, solid-state drives (SSD's) and any other storage devices.
  • Video footage conversion to a readable format from obsolete, unknown or damaged video (CCTV) recording devices.
  • Forensic video clean-up and enhancement.
  • Video surveillance forensic investigations from devices recovered as a result of suspected criminal activities, labour or internal disputes.
  • Recovery and repair of corrupt video footage including damaged CCTV recordings.

We Recover and Investigate Video Footage From These and Most Other DVR Makes and Models:

Aebell, Cloudsee, Dahua, Dianshi, D-Link, Dtvs, Ezviz, Feng, Fengchi, Hanbanggaoke, Huachuangshidai, Huashi, Huawei, Huayi, Hikvision, Jingke, Jiuan, Jooan, Jovision, Junminshi, Langms, Kedacom, Lechange, Lenovo, Meidishixun, Nbdnej, Nked, Ndc, Nvr1, Onsee, Orvibo, Panasonic, Qidun, Qifang, Quanrui, Rsfs, Samsung, Shenzhouweishi, Sony, Supcon, Tiandy, Topsee, Tongwei, Tp-Link, Tsinghua Tongfang, Uniview, Uniview ,Vstarcam, Wapa, Weitdy, Wfs, Wsda, Xiaomi, Xinanshi, Yestv, Yingshitong, Yishian, Yushitong, Zhiling, Zhongshianfang.

Typical CCTV Footage Clean-up and Enhancement Scenario:

Original low-quality footage

Original low-quality surveillance footage

Original zoomed-in low-quality footage

Original zoomed-in low-quality surveillance footage

Enhanced zoomed-in footage

Enhanced zoomed-in surveillance footage

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