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Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery

Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery and Digital Forensic Investigations

Advanced data recovery and digital forensic investigations from all solid-state drives (SSD's) irrespective of the condition of the media or potential data loss situation.

Some common situations and error messages which would suggest that your SSD might be suffering from one or more failures or other potential data loss scenarios:

  • SSD no longer recognized by the operating system.
  • SSD is not recognized by the BIOS.
  • SSD detected by the BIOS and/or operating system, but reporting as unreadable.
  • Primary disk failure / Secondary disk failure.
  • Inaccessible boot device.
  • Unable to access drive "X".
  • Disk error, press any key.
  • Device not ready, reading drive "X".
  • Operating system not found / missing operating system.
  • The BIOS recognizes the drive but with garbage parameters.
  • The BIOS recognizes the drive but the data is inaccessible.
  • The drive reports bad sectors.
  • NTLDR is missing, Press any key to restart.
  • Replace disk and press any key to continue.

We recover data from all solid-state drives (SSD) manufacturers, including: