• left-quotesMy external drive fell off my table when my dog ran over the cable and hooked the power cord with one of its hind legs, all I heard was a thud as the drive fell on the floor...”
  • left-quotesI don’t know what exactly happened, but my laptop just gave me a blue screen, and I heard ‘clicking noises’ coming from my laptop...”
  • left-quotesI added a new drive to my computer and accidentally formatted the wrong drive when I restarted my machine, all my data was gone...”
  • left-quotesI was on my way to work, as I was packing my car I forgot to put my laptop bag in the boot and reversed over it...”
  • left-quotesMy son wanted storage space to store one of the games he was playing on his PlayStation, he took my work external hard drive and inserted it into the PlayStation...”
  • left-quotesWe have an assembly line run by an ancient computer system, we could not replace the system as the developers moved on - the drive now crashed with the entire assembly coming to a standstill...”
  • left-quotesA phone recording proving a client lied about certain details about a very large claim that got deleted from one of our consultant’s mailboxes on our PBX system...”
  • left-quotesWe lost all our family photos when a virus deleted files from our computer...”

Remote Data Recovery

Remote data recovery presents some "interesting challenges" compared to in-lab work. But, as the adage goes "Extraordinary times calls for extraordinary measures - Benet Wilson".

Many logical or software related issues (devices that are still detected) can be addressed remotely for instance deleted, lost or corrupt files, directories, email, formatted drives etc.

Most electro-mechanical or hardware related issues cannot be addressed remotely, for instance, your hard drive is no longer recognized by the when trying to boot and/or making strange sounds or not spinning etc.

The typical remote data recovery attempt procedure:


DO NOT PANIC Help is at hand :-)


Send us a quote request describing your situation or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone us on 012-665-2945.


We will send you a preliminary quotation for a software and hardware recovery based on your data loss scenario. It is not possible to accurately determine the type of failure (software or hardware) before conducting a remote evaluation.


You approve the preliminary quotation (for both software or hardware recovery scenarios).


We will send you an invoice for the non-refundable remote evaluation.


We receive your payment as approval for the remote evaluation process.


We will send you instructions to enable us to make a remote connection for an analysis of your situation. We will require uninterrupted access to a PC with a stable internet and power connection – The evaluation may take between 1-6 hours depending on your drive's capacity and issue.


We will revert with our findings and invoice should we be able to recover your data remotely (or there is a very good chance) before proceeding with the remote attempt. We will, alternatively, send you shipping instructions should your device require in-lab hardware (cleanroom, physical repairs etc.) recovery.

Requirements for a remote data recovery attempt:

  • A working computer for exclusive use during the data recovery attempt.
    • Note that this computer may potentially be occupied for a number of days
  • An external USB 3 hard disk drive with adequate capacity to accept the recovered data.
  • A stable internet connection and power source.

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