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Data Recovery and Digital Forensics lab Reseller Program

Download, complete and return the Tecleo Data Recovery and Digital Forensics Lab Reseller Application should you believe that we can add value to your company by widening your service offering as well as adding an additional revenue stream - We look forward to being of service to you, and your customers.

How would you benefit and what can you expect from a relationship with us?


  • You would be broadening your services offering and in the process generate an additional revenue stream by taking advantage of our generous reseller discounts on our data recovery, digital forensic and data destruction services and products.
  • Having peace of mind that you are trusting your customer's data in the hands of a company operating since 1999.
  • Free initial consultation with one of our experienced and competent technicians.
  • Professional, fast, friendly and efficient assistance throughout the investigation, recovery or destruction process.
  • Online Portal - Here you can view your quotations, invoices, correspondence, check the status of your ticket(s), add comments and attachments, approve (or decline) your quote(s) as well as create new ticket requests.
  • Regular work progress updates.
  • Free initial consultation with one of our experienced and competent technicians.


  • Free courier collection for all pre-approved investigations and data recoveries and free courier return for all successful work.
    • - Please Note:


  • Free evaluation & fixed upfront quotation.
    • - Please Note:

  • You have a choice of four data recovery service options to suit your budget and circumstance.
  • No quote rejection fee.
  • No billable work will be undertaken unless a final quote is approved in writing.


  • No-recovery, no-charge (no-nonsense and no-surprises):
    • You will not be invoiced should we for some reason not be able to recover the data, or the data recovered not be in a usable condition.
    • You will be contacted, prior to us raising an invoice, to confirm the usability of the data recovered should we suspect damage to some of the data.
    • We can re-negotiate a price (less than the quoted amount) should some of the data recovered be of use to you with the option to proceed or not.
    • - Please Note:

  • We will do everything possible to rectify the recovery or refund the recovery charges (or a portion thereof) should we not be able to solve any valid issues with the recovered data.


  • All information, data, and equipment handed over, investigated or recovered by us will be protected from unauthorized access or disclosure using the same degree of care as we use to protect our own confidential information.:
    • Our staff members are professionals working in a secure environment having signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
    • All data recovery work is done in-house unless otherwise agreed with yourself in writing.
    • We can also enter into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) on request.

See also: Our Terms and Conditions


Typical data recovery procedure:


You receive a hard disk drive (or other faulty electronic media) enquiry from a potential customer.


You supply your customer with a preliminary quotation based on our recommended retail price as per our reseller pricelist.

  • You could add your own mark-up should you wish - keeping in mind that if the customer approached us directly we would be quoting them our recommended retail price.
  • You can also contact us (should you prefer) in order to confirm the pricing.
  • The purpose of the preliminary quotation is to commit your customer to the costs associated in sending the drive to us.


If your customer is satisfied with the preliminary quotation you then ship the drive to us.

  • In the case of server recoveries we would require:
    • All disk drives in the server. The sequence (order) of these drives must be marked before being removed from the server (very important).
    • If possible the Raid controller (even if faulty).


We receive the drive and should be able send you a written confirmation quotation via email within 2-10 working hours depending on the service option required.


You then send a confirmation quotation (including your reseller mark-up) to your customer who in turn supply you with a final approval (preferably in writing).


You email us confirming the final approval received.

  • No data recovery work will be undertaken without us 1st having received this approval from yourself UNLESS you have marked the drive as pre-approved based on our reseller pricelist.


We complete the data recovery.

  • This takes us on average 3-5 working days under our STANDARD recovery rate.
  • We do not return the faulty recovered drive - we could however return what is left of the drive should you require.
  • We will send you a report via e-mail should we not be able to recover any data.
  • We will also again contact you should we not be able to recover all the data required.
  • The data will be transferred to a destination drive either supplied by yourself (or your customer) or we can quote for any drive currently available
    • Most drives have more than 10GB worth of data and we therefore by default quote for a destination drive.


We send you an invoice via e-mail awaiting confirmation of payment.


We return the data or you may arrange for collection upon receipt of payment.

Packaging Instructions:

  1. Package your device as if you are sending us an egg to prevent further damage:
    • Make use of a sturdy cardboard (corrugated) box at least twice the size of your device.
    • Wrap the device using Bubble Wrap (Foam Wrap) ensuring adequate padding to prevent any movement and also to be able to absorb any impact while being transported.
  2. Package multiple drives with enough Bubble Wrap (Foam Wrap) so that there will be no contact between them.
  3. Seal the box with packing tape and mark with our shipping details and your physical return address.
  4. Mark the box as printer "FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE."

* Hard disk drives are extremely sensitive to shocks that may cause damage to the data areas. cardboard-box
* Additional damage may make the recovery or investigation less or even unsuccessful (unrecoverable).
* Do not use a damaged box.
* If in doubt use Box-in-Box packaging.
* Remove old labels and stickers should you use a used box.
* Do not include any brackets, adapters, and cables.

Shipping Instructions:

International Shipping Instructions
Please take note of these instructions if you are sending your media from outside of South Africa!

You have 3 options:

Option 1  - Bring the media in personally.

Download a printable version of our location map and travel directions

Option 2  - Have the media sent via courier.

Download a printable version of our shipping label

Option 3  - We can arrange for a free courier collection and delivery

* Terms and Conditions apply
* Urgent recoveries - We recommend bringing the drive personally as the courier service may take 2-3 working days.


Tecleo Data Recovery Shipping Instructions

Tecleo Data Recovery and Digital Forensics Lab

20 Uitzicht Park
5 Bellingham Street
South Africa

Tel : +27-12-665-2945

printerFollow for a printable version of our shipping label

Advice to give your customer facing a potential data loss situation:

  1. Not to make any rash decisions that may cause further damage or lead to permanent data loss.
  2. To switch the drive off as soon as possible especially if there are “strange noises” coming from the drive.
  3. Not to run any hard disk utilities or data recovery software on a noisy and/or difficult to detect or access drive.
  4. Not to copy or write any data to a formatted, deleted or potentially damaged drive as this may cause further damage to the data.
  5. Not to format or modify the partitions on a potentially faulty drive.
  6. Not to open the drive - hard drives are very sensitive to contamination and should only be opened in a controlled clean room environment e.g. class 100 clean room.
  7. We do not recommend them replacing or swapping the controller board as that may cause damage to the drives firmware programming and so hamper the possibility of recovering the data.
    • The programming on most modern drives is specific to that drive despite having a matching PCB.
    • Please ensure that the original PCB is fitted back onto the drive before being shipped for data recovery – that is should the controller board have been replaced.
  8. To observe safe handling practices eliminating further damage.
  9. To package the drive as if sending an egg - See also Our Shipping Instructions.
See also Ten Things You Should Not Do To A Failing Or Failed Hard Drive.

Who qualifies as a reseller?

Any business or private individual who would generate an income from reselling any of our services or products.

All reseller applications are subject to approval.

Join Our Reseller Program Today ..

It is simple:

  • The form can be completed as a “soft copy” using Adobe Acrobat.
  • Please return the completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..