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blackberry data recoveryWe specialize in professional data recovery from all BlackBerry OS 4, 5, 6 and 7 mobile devices.


  • Physical data recovery using custom boot loaders enabling the acquisition of intact (un-altered) data including hidden or deleted files.
  • Recovery of deleted BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) messages and chats, message attachments, contact photos, groups, chats, contacts and shared photos and BBM history if enabled.
  • Recovery of installed applications including Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk (Gtalk), UberSocial.
  • Recovery of the address book including contact photos, SMS, MMS, emails, PIN messages and recent email contacts from BB OS 6 and above devices.
  • Recovery of Bluetooth devices, calendar entries, memo pad notes, web browser history, web bookmarks, cookies and REM files including decryption of encrypted files on the external memory.
  • Recovery of device info including Model number, IMEI\MEID, ICCID, PIN, OS version and platform.
  • Decoding of 3rd party applications including Twitter, Ubersocial, Facebook, GTalk and decryption of Whatsapp database including recovery of contacts, chats, chat attachments and user account.