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apple iOS data recoveryWe specialize in professional data recovery from all Apple mobile devices and iOS versions.


  • Data recovery on a file system (logical) level for unlocked iOs devices.
  • Deleted information retrieval from database files.
  • Data recovery on a physical level including locked iOs devices.
  • Physical and file system recovery and decoding on locked iOS devices with an either an easy or difficult password.
    • Easy passwords can be recovered during the physical extraction process allowing access to emails and keychain passwords.
    • A physical extraction can be performed without access to emails and keychain should a difficult password be set .
      • Emails and keychain passwords can be recoverable if the difficult password is known.
  • Access to account usernames and passwords using keychain real-time decryption.
  • Encrypted data on iOS4.x, iOS5.x and iOS6.x devices decrypted on-the-fly using real-time decryption.
    • Support for decrypted emlx email files.
  • Recovery of GPS locations, Wi-Fi networks and cell towers IDs.
    • These locations and routes can be viewed in Google Earth and Google Maps.
  • Advanced decryption and decoding for the recovery of deleted data from SQLite databases including messages, application data, calls history, contacts etc.
  • Recovery and decoding of call logs, voicemails, contact lists, locations (WiFi, cell towers and GPS fixes), images, video files, text messages (SMS), MMS, emails, notes, installed applications and their usage, user dictionary, calendar, bluetooth devices pairing history, maps cache. etc.
  • Recovery of applications including Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Fring, MotionX, AIM, TigerText, Facebook Messenger, Twitterrific, Textfree, Google+, Facebook, Foursquare, Garmin, TomTom, Waze, TextNow, Dropbox, Yahoo Messenger, Ping Chat, Twitter, Touch, Ping chat, Find My iPhone, LinkedIn, iCQ, Kik Messenger, Google Maps, Kakaotalk, QIP, Evernote, Vkontakte, etc.
  • Recovery of Internet browser data including Safari, Opera Mini - bookmarks, history and cookies.