New Capabilities Added To Our Mobile Device Data Recovery And Forensic Services

Henk Smit Wednesday, 28 September 2016

September 2016
New data recovery and forensic capabilities added to our mobile device data recovery service - Now supporting 20,489 devices and 2,256 applications, these include:

  • * Physical extraction and decoding of rooted and unencrypted Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7 devices.
  • iPhone 7 devices can now be recovered using advanced logical, logical and file system data extraction.
  • File system, advanced logical and logical extractions and decoding from apple devices running iOS 10.
  • * Extraction and decoding of encrypted and unencrypted iOS 10 backups.

Summary of our mobile device data recovery capabilities:

  • Logical data recovery: 8,785 mobile devices
  • Physical data recovery: 4,584 mobile devices
  • File system data recovery: 4,699 mobile devices
  • Extract/disable user lock: 2,421 mobile devices
  • Total number of devices now supported = 20,489

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