New Capabilities Added To Our Mobile Device Data Recovery And Forensic Services

Henk Smit Friday, 13 January 2017

January 2017
Now supporting 20,850 devices and 2,850 applications, including:

  • * Physical extraction for 17 MTK (Mediatek) Android devices.
  • * Physical extraction and decoding from and additional 26 Motorola Android devices.
  • * Physical extraction while bypassing user lock for 18 additional Huawei devices.
  • * Logical extraction and decoding for the new Google Pixel Android devices.
  • * The ability to convert BSSID values (wireless networks) and cell towers into physical locations (longitude and latitude GPS coordinates) within a specific timeframe.
  • * Mobile data recovery from 26 new iOS and Android applications.

Summary of our mobile device data recovery and forensic capabilities:

Tecleo Data Recovery and Digital Forensics Lab - Updated mobile device data recovery & forensic capabilities

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