We are offering a discount on all data recovery and digital forensic investigations as a direct result of the current unrest in South Africa.

This offer includes digital forensic investigations and data recovery from dropped, fire and water damaged data and CCTV footage storage devices, CCTV footage format conversion (from a proprietor to a standard video format), video clean-up and enhancement.

New Capabilities Added To Our Mobile Device Data Recovery And Forensic Services

Henk Smit Thursday, 11 August 2016

August 2016
New data recovery and forensic capabilities added to our mobile device data recovery service - Now supporting 20,165 devices and 2,255 applications, these include:

  • * Partial file system recovery from 105 locked and unlocked Samsung Android devices.
  • Advanced logical and file system recovery from Apple iOS 10.x devices
  • Eight new iOS and Android device applications.
  • Call log decoding for iOS and Android snap chat applications.
  • Five hundred and twenty-seven applications capabilities updated.  

Summary of our mobile device data recovery capabilities:

  • Logical data recovery: 8,663 mobile devices
  • Physical data recovery: 4,528 mobile devices
  • File system data recovery: 4,571 mobile devices
  • Extract/disable user lock: 2,403 mobile devices
  • Total number of devices now supported = 20,165

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