• I have used TecLeo three times in the last 12 months for different services. I have found them to be very competent and profesional. I have enjoyed my interaction with them each and every time. They have excellent communication slils and highly recommend them. Well done to Tecleos Team and thank you for all your hard work
  • A professional team with superhuman I.T. intelligence. Every member of the team puts ethical integrity and client confidentiality at the forefront of service delivery. As a student in their last semester of study, I lost all my data. I was truly shattered. As a result, I frantically searched for assistance and can safely say that I literally spoke to every so-called I.T. Specialist in the Durban area, without much help... until I found Tecleo Data Recovery and Digital Forensics Lab. From the very first call, they were absolutely amazing. They keep you updated throughout the process and the one thing I loved about them, is that they are super experienced with a positive approach. They accomodate your every request and go the extra mile to ensure that it is met. My data was recovered. All of it. And I cannot thank them Team enough. A Special Shout-out to Heinrich and Corrie... #superhumans
  • We won't lie, at first we thought price was steep for the recovery. But as they explained how the process works and cost breakdown if they are unsuccessful what we pay and if they get it right what we pay, that set us at ease "abit". Not going to lie it's not cheap but when they showed us they were able to recover all the data we were willing to part ways with our money as the data was important to us. The team however gave such great service. They updated us almost every 2-3 days as the recovery went on. Would recommend them to everyone.
Leanie Basson


left-quotesTecleo Data Recovery, Thank you so much for your professional service rendered to recover all of my lost data. I cannot thank you enough! My photos that were lost meant the world to me and you guys were the only company who has been able to get that all back for me! I am grateful and again thank you so much for your great service and time put in to recover my data. Definitely worth the money and I will recommend your company to anyone! I want to personally thank Martin and Antoinette for their kind assistance. You guys are awesome!!"
Leanie Basson