Can Zepto ransomware encrypted data be recovered or repaired?

Corrie Theron Wednesday, 07 September 2016

Can Zepto ransomware encrypted data be recovered or repaired?

The Zepto Ransomware, a variant of the Locky Ransomware has been causing all sorts of havoc. The question is “Can Zepto ransomware encrypted data be recovered or repaired?”

The short answer is no; there is present no known method (or technology) available to decrypt, repair or recover files encrypted by Zepto Ransomware without access to the decryption key.

Zepto uses an extremely high level 2048 bit encryption as well as a varying algorithm to encrypt the files and cannot be decrypted using a fixed pattern or algorithm.

Before it encrypts the data, it also destroys any possible back doors, including shadow copy backups of the files making recovery impossible. It also works through an encrypted connection and does not store a copy of the key on the local machine.

Earlier versions of the virus did store a copy that was deleted afterward making it possible to recover the key in some cases. The algorithm was also far less complicated, and shadow copies of the files could also be recovered in many cases.

These guys obviously read the online solutions having now improved the malware and closed all backdoors making it impossible to recover and/or decrypt the affected data.

There is, unfortunately, nothing that we can do until these criminals are caught and the decryption keys are made available.


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