Can you identify with any of these potential data loss scenarios?

Do not panic - help is at hand!

We can offer you advanced data recovery and digital forensic services from these and most other potential data loss scenarios.

This include data recovery from servers, NAS and RAID volumes, PC and laptop hard disk drives, external hard drives, solid-state drives (SSD), mobile devices (smartphones, mobile phones tablets, PDA's and cellular phones), backup tapes (tape cartridges), CDs and DVDs, memory sticks (flash drives), SD cards and almost all other types of digital data storage devices.

We can also arrange for the collection of your faulty device - at no cost! - All we need is your written approval, your physical address and two contact persons with telephone numbers (T&Cs Apply)

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left-quotesMy 1TB external Hard Drive (Seagate) "crashed" for lack of a better word. The IT guys at my work tried to assist, however the hard drive wants to be initialised which I understand would mean that I will lose all my data which would be a bit a train smash for me."

left-quotesMy client's hard drive won't spin. Think the motor is broken. What is the price for data recovery? "

left-quotesMy drive was dropped and is no longer spinning. I need mostly My Documents to be recovered."

left-quotesMy customer wants the photos to be recovered on their hard disk. I need a rough estimate. I'm not entirely sure how big the "My Pictures" folder is."

left-quotesThe USB port on my external hard drive has been broken. I cannot connect a cable or retrieve documents. Please help. "

left-quotesMy external hard drive was dropped, and then started clicking and the computer cannot see the drive anymore. How much it will cost to recover 100% of the data?"

left-quotesMy external hard drive with only media files on it, would often freeze during video clips. Today it did the same thing but when I plugged it into my USB port, the hard drive made a beeping noise for a minute or so and it is not picked up by my laptop at all anymore."

left-quotesMy external hard drive fell, but it was still working. After restarting my laptop, it was having issues being detected. Then it worked intermittently. Now it is no longer being detected. There are no funny sounds coming from it."

left-quotesMy External Hard drive fell and it?s not working."

left-quotesMy external Seagate hard drive crashed and our IT guys froze it and then tried to extract data, but were unsuccessful. Is there any hope of recovering any of my data?"

left-quotesMy Hard drive has most likely had a circuit board failure. It?s a Seagate 1TB hard drive. Can the data be recovered? "

left-quotesMy hard drive is not detected and you can hear a clicking sound coming from it."

left-quotesMy hard drive slipped from my hand and dropped to the ground. It doesn't start and it doesn't read when converted with an external enclosure."

left-quotesI have a Western Digital drive, the electronics seems to be dead."

left-quotesMy hard drive stopped working. It stopped spinning. Even when I connect it to different computers or use external cases."

left-quotesMy Hard Disk Drive is making a clicking sound."

left-quotesMy Hard Disk Drive was short circuited and has been burnt as a result, I want to know if I can recover my data."

left-quotesMy iMac computer's hard drive crashed. The drive is 2TB but there is probably not more than 200GB of data on the machine. Do you charge by the amount of data or by the size of the hard drive?"

left-quotesMy mom?s hard drive just crashed this morning and it is not working. We have tried putting the hard drive in another PC, but nothing worked. I can safely say from experience that the hard drive is dead. We have photos and family movies that we need from it. Please send a quote as soon as possible."

left-quotesMy Verbatim external hard drive?s power supply is not working, I have taken it into Verbatim for the IT department to see if they can resolve the issue, but if not I would like to do a recovery of my data on my external hard drive."

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