We are offering a discount on all data recovery and digital forensic investigations as a direct result of the current unrest in South Africa.

This offer includes digital forensic investigations and data recovery from dropped, fire and water damaged data and CCTV footage storage devices, CCTV footage format conversion (from a proprietor to a standard video format), video clean-up and enhancement.

Can you identify with any of these potential data loss scenarios?

Do not panic - help is at hand!

We can offer you advanced data recovery and digital forensic services from these and most other potential data loss scenarios.

This include data recovery from servers, NAS and RAID volumes, PC and laptop hard disk drives, external hard drives, solid-state drives (SSD), mobile devices (smartphones, mobile phones tablets, PDA's and cellular phones), backup tapes (tape cartridges), CDs and DVDs, memory sticks (flash drives), SD cards and almost all other types of digital data storage devices.

We can also arrange for the collection of your faulty device - at no cost! - All we need is your written approval, your physical address and two contact persons with telephone numbers (T&Cs Apply)

Contact Us Now For A Free Consultation, Evaluation And Preliminary Quotation.

left-quotesMy Dell laptop hard drive crashed and I am trying to recover data especially media (photos and music)."

left-quotesMy 1TB external hard drive which I used for storage was working fine but windows now wants to format the drive before I can access it. I have tried running a data recovery program on the drive but all the files recovered are corrupt. I opened up the external covering of the hard drive and it looks like there is water damage to the drive itself but it hasn't been near water, although it has been dropped a couple of times."

left-quotesI have a Manhattan external hard drive used for storage of movies, music and TV series, it has no operating system- now it says error not accessible or corrupt."

left-quotesI have a Seagate external USB drive. The light comes on and starts flashing but the laptop does not read the drive and does not assign a drive letter."

left-quotesMy Verbatim external drive with a 1TB Hitachi drive containing movies, music and backups, fell and was opened."

left-quotesI have a DVR HD for a home camera surveillance system. The hard drive does work but I suspect I did bump the hard drive."

left-quotesMy external Seagate 1.5 TB drive has fallen of a table and is now giving read errors. I need to recover 2 folders on it."

left-quotesMy external Seagate drive keeps on saying NTDLR is missing. The drive fell once, but still worked, now it stopped working."

left-quotesMy drive was damaged in a coffee accident and was then formatted by an IT technician so that he could see if the hard drive would still work (It does, but I would like the 650GB of data back)."

left-quotesMy 1TB Samsung external hard drive which seems to have been corrupted by a virus, it cannot be accessed when connected to a PC & Laptop but can be accessed when connected to a home theatre DVD."

left-quotesMy LaCie Porsche design 500GB hard drive keeps beeping when I plug it into my machine. "

left-quotesMy device is an external storage hard drive. The outer casing has been replaced previously and it worked fine until recently. My computer now does not detect the device and shows that files might be corrupted. "

left-quotesMy Seagate Free Agent GoFlex 1Tb External Hard Drive was dropped. It beeps and is not recognized by the Computer."

left-quotesWhen plugged into the PC my Seagate hard drive spins for about 20 seconds and then it stops. Whilst it spins there's some sort clicking/scratching noise that it makes. The HDD is just about full & I need ALL the stuff on there. (Documents, Software's, Games, Movies, Music, Pictures and Series)."

left-quotesI have a Western Digital 1.25TB (advertised as 1.5TB) External Hard drive that was dropped, now it makes a clicking noise. Please help. It's urgent"

left-quotesI have a Seagate external hard drive when it's plugged in the light comes on, it says installing, I then get an error that it did not install properly and I should contact the manufacturer."

left-quotesMy external Verbatim hard drive fell off my table while in use."

left-quotesMy Seagate external hard disk drive 500 GB was dropped and is now making a knocking noise, it signals when connected through USB to show its running but it doesn?t get detected in windows."

left-quotesMy laptop fell off the table and the hard drive is the only component not working; completely dead; TOSHIBA MK2035GSS."

left-quotesLiquid was spilled on my laptop with 2 x 500 GB hard drives. The local technician tried to recover data with 2 different programs. All folders was recovered but they were empty."

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