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 All items entering and leaving our premises are disinfected using short-wave germicidal ultraviolet (UVC) radiation.

What is advanced data recovery

Advanced-data recovery is both an art and a science, using specialised data recovery skills, tools, equipment and software to repair and extract data from potentially inaccessible digital storage devices.

What is forensic data recovery

Forensic data recovery is the application of advanced data recovery skills, tools, equipment and software to repair and extract as much data as possible, including service area data, not accessible using standard forensic and data recovery tools, from potentially inaccessible digital storage devices, using forensically sound principles, for investigation and presentation as evidence in a court of law.

I Cannot Access The Portal

Some of our clients, using Avast and AVG Antivirus, are reporting that they cannot log in as the URL to our customer portal is being blocked.
** This is not as a result of our portal being unsafe but rather in the way these two programs (for 
some reason) interpret our portal URL. **

Add our URL below to the programs safe URL (domain) list.

Avast how to:

AVG how to:

What is JTAG

JTAG is an abbreviation for Joint Test Action Group technology.
The technology was developed in the 1980s to overcome physical access issues to the pins on programmable chips for circuit testing purposes. Today, it is however predominantly used for programming, debugging and in our case, extracting data from faulty devices.

See the illustration below for a simplified explanation of the process:

JTAG Technical illustration web

For more information see also:

What is the definition of a data backup

The definition of a data backup is having current, tested and restorable copies of your data securely stored in two or three separate physical locations from your primary data source.