• left-quotesWe had one of our employees steal data from the company and gave it to one of our competitors...”

  • left-quotesAn employee leaked a confidential recording of one of our shareholder meetings, causing a public relations disaster...”

  • left-quotesSomeone on Twitter falsely accused me and my business of all kinds of illicit acts, damaging the company’s reputation and I wanted to know who was behind the Twitter profile to pursue legal action...”

  • left-quotesSomeone in our company deliberately deleted sensitive data, and we needed to identify what was deleted, when and by whom...”
  • left-quotesOur systems administrator used the datacenter servers to mine cryptocurrency over a period of several months, and we needed to have his devices investigated to pursue legal action...”

Q018: Can I bring my own destination drive

Yes, you would be welcome to bring your own destination drive for accepting your recovered data.

Please note:

  • We require:
    • An external USB3 hard drive in a fully working condition;
    • Must be clean, NTFS formatted (without any other data);
    • Of the same or larger capacity than the device being recovered.
  • Please Note:
    • We need to have the destination drive in hand before starting the data recovery.
    • We do not accept any responsibility for existing data on a supplied destination drive.
    • We do not accept hard drives with bad sectors, USB2 or IDE drives.
  • Our free collection service is only applicable to the initial collection of your device.
    • We can arrange for the collection of your destination drive at an additional cost.
    • Please allow 2-3 working days for courier collections and deliveries.