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Have your (or your customer’s) data recovered at a huge discount without sacrificing service quality.

The calculation is for the data recovery of a 0-2TB failed hard drive calculated at our Economy Service Level.

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Data Recovery Testimonials

Chaplain Jaco Venter

left-quotesBAIE GOEIE NUUS - Mariana se hardeskyf wat begin Mei gecrash het is uiteindelik recover. Al die fotos is gered! Ons het 8 Mei die hardeskyf ingegee by Intratec in Midrand. Op 15 Julie het hulle ons laat weet dat hulle uiteindelik opgee en dat hulle geen sukses gehad het met die herwinning van die data nie. In al hierdie weke se wag het hulle ons ingelig dat hulle 2 keer moes parte aan die hardeskyf vervang. Ons het Donderdag 16 Julie die hardeskyf by TecLeo Data Recovery Lab in Centurion ingegee. Met die eerste oogopslag het hulle gesê dat Intratec nooit eens die hardeskyf oop gemaak het nie. Die seëls van die hardeskyf van nog heel. Net 1 week later was die job gedoen - suksesvol !! Waar die eerste maatskappy in 10 weke niks kon reg kry nie. Ek beveel met vrymoedigheid TecLeo Data Recovery Lab in Centurion aan vir enige Data Herwinning hetsy rekenaar, selfoon, memory kaarte. Hierdie maatskappy weet wat hulle doen."
Chaplain Jaco Venter
- Private

- Source: Facebook

Suda Sing

left-quotesI have a NAS device with 6 drives that is on a network where all our work finally sits. After a years work of Video production (close to 17TB), I replaced the Drives with fresh new drives for the new years worth of work and kept the old drives as back-up to be used whenever we might need those files. The NAS continued to work fine until 2 months later when I put the old set of drives back to access the old data. To my horror, none of the drives where readable anymore - they showed up as having data - just that the NAS could not read it! The NAS could see only the new drives if fitted back but not all my old work. No joy at all was received from the manufacturer in decoding the info to be read by our computers. We realised only too late that the NAS worked like that - once reconfigured, it could not see the old stuff. I am very thankful to come across a company like TECLEO who not only saved the day by decoding and safely transferring all the data onto readable new drives but in such an efficient and cost saving way. They kept us timeously informed of progress and most importantly, kept to the agreed price despite the laboriously long job. I will definitely recommend this company that stands out among the rest because of their principles and not being driven by greed as is so commonplace nowadays."
Suda Sing
- African Lotus Productions

- Source: Google+

Ds Motley

left-quotesI own a pharmacy in a small suburb in Chatsworth, Durban. The pharmacy over many years, has gained approximately 13 000 patients profiles and has done over 125 000 scripts. I thought having 2 back-ups and various power surge protectors, nothing could affect me – how wrong I was. In a matter of seconds my life I thought was over, as I lost almost 2 decades of patient & account information in a nano second. It was discovered that a high power surge through my computer had destroyed my hard-drive and both the back-ups. I approached my computer software company and they told me my data was lost forever, every other pharmacy that had this problem had zero success of recovery and if anything was recovered at all, it was useless or corrupted. In approximately 24 hours Tecleo changed that statistic forever. Not only did Tecleo recover 100% of my data, but also none of my files or information was damaged or corrupted. The computer software company was left speechless. The attitude of the two technicians roused displayed confidence & mature professionalism. They calmly assessed the three hard drives sent to them, always updating me, via-mail, so I could make an informed decision about what data must be extracted. Tecleo data recovery lab expediently recovered the data from my hard-drives and transferred it on to 2 CD’s which was soon safely sent via courier in a convenient wrapping. This experience was unforgettable, as they turned a nightmare into pure utopia & bliss. As a health professional and somewhat of a computer fundi I cannot commend Tecleo anymore but to say, you guys have set a standard that surpasses simple data recovery.
Thank you."
Ds Motley

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