Server, RAID, NAS, SAN, VHD issues

Can you identify with any of these potential Server, RAID, NAS and SAN data loss scenarios?

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left-quotesOur server is a Linux server which has a firewall and built-in security. Is it possible for you to do data recovery? What are the costs? Our service provider has indicated that he is not able to recover the data. He is able to view the data, but does not have the necessary software to recover it"

left-quotesThis drive on our server crashed. We all access this drive throughout the day and all of our documents/ drawings / photo?s are stored on it. It is backed up every night via an external back-up drive, but restoring our data from this back-up drive is not ideal and has proven to be a huge mess of outdated files. Please assist us in recovering the data from this crashed drive."

left-quotesI had a RAID 0 with 2 SAS hard drives in a HP Proliant DL380 G5 Server. After I rebooted the server, one of the HD report an error and now I can not access the data."

left-quotesI have a hard drive model Spare: 507284-001. When the server starts the green light is on, but when it starts to boot into Windows, it changes to a red light"

left-quotesMy Seagate BlackArmour NAS 440 RAID 5 controller is malfunctioning and I need to recover the raid."

left-quotesI have two single 500GB SATA drives that failed in a 10 disk RAID 5. The first disk failed initially, and during the rebuild, the second disk failed. Is it possible to recover information from the drives? If so, will it be in the same folder structure as it was on the server? If the folder structure can be saved and data can be restored, please quote me on the cost, as well as how long the recovery would take."

left-quotesI have a Raid 5 card on my Server that doesn't boot - IT checked the server and tells me 2 of the hard drives crashed - will you be able to assist in recovering the data?"

left-quotesI have a HP Server with 4 x 1Tb SATA Drives with an Adaptec 2420SA Controller. There are a couple of issues. The server was powered down and only turned on now. It seems the Adaptec Controller has lost the two Arrays (ARRAY_0 was 10 GB and ARRAY_1 was 2.7Tb). To make matters worse, drive 4 is also clicking and fails to initialise. On the last power up, the Adaptec Controller no longer initialises. The client is wanting 2 folders on the second array i.e. photos and video. Can you assist?"

left-quotesOn our server it seems likely that the disk has a developed a fault in the power circuitry since the 12V/5V power supply in the media server was also found faulty. The disk now causes a known good PC to trip out (shut down) when connected. I suspect the data on the platter(s) is probably untouched and fine."

left-quotesOur Windows 2003 server just stopped working because the operating system fault. We need to recover our backup folder on partition "E"."

left-quotesWe have a Dell Perc 4/E RAID controller failure that does not save the RAID configuration on the disks. We are without the original controller and therefore cannot mount the volumes with a new controller. Disks should be perfectly intact but just missing the RAID configuration."