We are offering a discount on all data recovery and digital forensic investigations as a direct result of the current unrest in South Africa.

This offer includes digital forensic investigations and data recovery from dropped, fire and water damaged data and CCTV footage storage devices, CCTV footage format conversion (from a proprietor to a standard video format), video clean-up and enhancement.

Tape Issues

Can you identify with any of these potential data loss scenarios?

Do not panic - help is at hand!

We can offer you advanced data recovery and digital forensic services from these and most other potential data loss scenarios.

This include data recovery from servers, NAS and RAID volumes, PC and laptop hard disk drives, external hard drives, solid-state drives (SSD), mobile devices (smartphones, mobile phones tablets, PDA's and cellular phones), backup tapes (tape cartridges), CDs and DVDs, memory sticks (flash drives), SD cards and almost all other types of digital data storage devices.

We can also arrange for the collection of your faulty device - at no cost! - All we need is your written approval, your physical address and two contact persons with telephone numbers (T&Cs Apply)

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left-quotesI have around 50 tapes that need recovery. The total amount of data I need recovered is about 100 GB.?

left-quotesWe have a DAT dds-3 tape. There is a database on it we need to retrieve. The data is from 2004. We don't know what backup software created the backup. Only that the database was used by software called solution 6.?

left-quotesWe lost all data on our RAID 5 partition, tried to restore our data from the backup tapes to no avail. We need to recover data from tapes (written with HP OmniBack DataProtector) and have the data dumped to a readable file system.?

left-quotesWe need data from 2 DLT tapes restored. Could you please advise what the process is and if you are able to send us a quote??

left-quotesWe have six DAT data tape cartridge backed-up with Veritas backup, we need to recover txt files and jpeg images.?

left-quotesI have an LTO4 tape that we are not able to catalogue and restore the data using Symantec Backup Exec. Can you help in recovering the LTO tape??