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Password Management Tools

Password Management Tools

roboformManaging a few internet password is one thing but managing ten not to mention a hundred passwords can be a “nightmare”. We have tried all sorts of solutions from text files to spreadsheets but eventually ended up running into issues with the sheer number of unique passwords with login links that we had to manage plus keeping them all safe and secure.

This is where RoboForm comes into its own with the ability to organize passwords into categories with recognizable login link names and at the same time having a master password that is not on the internet to protect all our passwords in an encrypted format away from prying eyes.

RoboForm comes in 5 flavours – RoboForm for Windows, Roboform2Go for Windows (storing logins on a USB drive), RoboForm for iPhone/iPad/iPod, RoboForm for Android and RoboForm for Mac.

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