Mobile Device Issues

Can you identify with any of these potential mobile device data loss scenarios?

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left-quotesI need all media and other files to be recovered from accidental deletion from my Google Nexus 7 Android 4.3 tablet."

left-quotesMy HTC phone lost all data in its memory after I flashed it."

left-quotesI have a Samsung galaxy S4 and my photos were deleted after I restored my contact list."

left-quotesI want to recover sms's, images, whatsapp and BBM messages from my old blackberry."

left-quotesI need your help in recovering all media, pics, videos, messages basically everything off my Blackberry 9900 Bold and the SD memory card."

left-quotesI have a Samsung Galaxy S3 that will not turn on. I am certain that the data is still intact, but am unable to access it because the handset itself will not switch on."

left-quotesI've deleted my photos by mistake from my Samsung galaxy note 2 phone and would love to be able to recover them as they are precious to me."