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  • left-quotesMy external drive fell off my table when my dog ran over the cable and hooked the power cord with one of its hind legs, all I heard was a thud as the drive fell on the floor...”
  • left-quotesWe lost all our family photos when a virus deleted files from our computer...”
  • left-quotesI don’t know what exactly happened, but my laptop just gave me a blue screen, and I heard ‘clicking noises’ coming from my laptop...”
  • left-quotesI added a new drive to my computer and accidentally formatted the wrong drive when I restarted my machine, all my data was gone...”
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Maxtor Hard Drive Recovery and Digital Forensic Investigations

We recover and investigate data from working and non-working external and internal Maxtor hard drives.


Whether your Maxtor hard drive is suffering from an electro-mechanical failure (hardware) or a logical failure (software) our team of professionals can help you recover or investigate your lost data.

The most common hardware failures encountered with MAXTOR hard disk drives:

  • The drive was dropped or received a hard knock of some sort.
  • The drive makes clicking (knocking) or harsh scratching noises as a result of crashed (faulty) reading heads.
  • The motor seized and the Maxtor drive fails to spin making beeping noises.
  • Firmware failure (corruption) causing drive detection and/or reading issues and can also result in the drive making strange clicking (knocking) noises.
  • Bad sectors causing reading and writing errors and in some cases making the drive undetectable. This is normally as a result of the driver suffering from a knock(s) or wear and tear (magnetic field/platter fatigue).
  • The Maxtor drive is completely dead and does not spin-up. This can be due to electrical fluctuations (spikes or power surges) as a result of load shedding, lightning, a bad power source or a short caused by water or other liquid damage.

Typical software issues encountered with MAXTOR hard disk drives:

  • The hard drive has been formatted.
  • The data on the drive is corrupt and unreadable.
  • Virus infections making the data unreadable or corrupt.
  • The drive was re-loaded (overwritten) when installing a new operating system or system recovery.
  • Deleted data.


Should your Maxtor hard drive be suffering from any one or more of these failures do not hesitate to contact us!


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