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Partially Encrypted Laptop Drive With Electro-Mechanical Issues

Written by Corrie Theron on Tuesday, 21 January 2014. Posted in Hard Disk Data Recovery, Encrypted Disk Data Recovery

left-quotesThursday morning my laptop no longer started up. I logged a call with our IT support and they informed me that there is an issue with McAfee encryption and that they need to decrypt and then backup the data and reinstall my laptop ect. They struggled for days and then sent my laptop to our security experts whom also struggled for days.
They were however confident that the hard drive is in a state that one should be able to recover the data, I then suggested that I get in touch with you guys since they have exhausted all their expertise in terms of attempting to restore the data and hence you guys are now sitting with my hard drive.

There is lots of business related data on my machine of which I have no backup as well as personal information, so ideally I’m looking for all the data."